The Music House Museum

Educational Activities

Educational Activities

School Days 2011

“This is one of the best learning experiences in a field-trip setting that I have seen in 30 years of teaching.” — Frankfort third-grade teacher.

Our 11th annual School Days program will be offered Monday through Thursday, April 25-28. This year’s program is titled “Sounds of Science, Music and History.” It addresses primarily 3rd grade curriculum but is offered for grades 2-5. The 90 minute progam features hands-on experience with sound production, an introduction to the museum’s mechanically operated instruments, a silent film short and local musician Tom Kaufman with his instrument “petting zoo.”

Teachers and Homeschool Groups are asked to respond by April 8 to facilitate scheduling.

Call the Music House Museum at (231) 938-9300 or Board President Dorothy Clore at (231) 331-6587 for more information regarding School Days tours or to make a reservation.

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