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The Music House Museum survives because of the generous contributions and support of our members, volunteers and people like you. Help support keeping music history alive and donate to the museum.

What Your Donation Supports

Instrument Acquisition, Restoration and Maintenance

The Music House continues to strive to improve our displays and add new unique and interesting pieces to our collection. Often the pieces that we acquire require restoration work before they can be displayed and demonstrated which can be costly.
In addition, because we demonstrate many of the instruments in our collection for each tour, they require annual maintenance and periodic repairs. Your donations help to keep our collection sounding and looking beautiful.

Buildings and Grounds

Our museum’s buildings and surrounding grounds are always in need of repair and improvement. Items on this wish list include carpet replacement, expansion of our display space to accommodate new pieces,  removal of damaged trees, landscaping improvement and much more. Your donation could be directed to this area as well.

General Operations

Your donation could also go towards the general operations funds. Utilities, payroll, insurance, office supplies, restoration and repair materials…all of these add up and grants for this area are very hard to come by.

Thank you for your support.

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