The Music House is dealing with some major  furnace challenges in our ‘Barn’, the main display area of the museum. The replacement will be complicated and expensive. Due to the Holiday week, we do not yet have a start date. Bringing in heaters has not offered a solution.

We have decided to move forward with our tours and scheduled events but want guests to know that it is going to be chilly, at best probably  55 degrees. Our artist for the weekend events, Dave Calendine, is a real trooper and is still wants to perform this weekend. We are planning on making the best of this challenge. We will be offering free hot cider and hot chocolate for the events and are going to bring in as many blankets as we can find. A fun holiday adventure for all involved!!

We wanted to let guests know ahead of time about the situation. We understand if you choose not to attend and will be happy to refund any pre-sold tickets. We hope that you will still choose to join us for the holiday fun and wonderful tours. We do recommend that you dress warmly and encourage you to bring your favorite holiday blankets to add to the our beautiful holiday decorations!

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