Bruder Fundraiser Reaches its Goal!

The Music House Museum is filled with gratitude to all who donated to help us restore our 1913 Bruder ‘Columbia’ Fair Organ. We hope you will join us in the Spring as we show off her new sound!

Our New Tangley-Miner Calliaphone Calliope

In 1855, Joshua Stoddard of Worcester, MA invented a steam powered instrument that he called a “calliope”. At first played by keyboard and later automated, these instruments were used on steam boats and by circuses. Many larger steam calliopes could be heard up to twelve (12) miles away. Because of their large volume, they often […]

Our New Cabinet Organ

Somewhere in the southern United States, around the time of the American Civil War, a skilled cabinet maker decided to build a cabinet organ either for his own home or perhaps as a gift. In the late 1980s or early 1990s, the Music House Museum was gifted with this cabinet organ. The documentation of the […]

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