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Update: The The Music House’s Antiques and Collectibles Consignment Sale was a great success. 13 Consigners participated in this year’s Antiques & Collectibles Sale. We also sold miscellaneous items from Museum storage and Chuck Heffer’s house, as well as old Gift Shop inventory items. Thanks to the volunteers who helped make the sale a success. Attendance was good, and the museum realized a net profit of over $2,000. Watch for news of our sale next year, and plan to participate!

The Music House’s Antiques and Collectibles Consignment Sale is just around the corner and we already have a wonderful collection of treasures! While the consignment items will not arrive until next week, the volunteers have been busy tagging the items that we have found around the museum and its property. Much of it is from the estate of our long time volunteer and Board member, Chuck Heffer whom we lost last year. It is an eclectic mix for old and new. Mark your calendars for June 27 and 28 from 10 am to 4 pm!

Items collected so far include furniture both antique and newer…


Telephone cards

Call all of your friends!





Shirt wax close upHat unique vintage items…cans and stuff




Grebe Synchrophase Radio Receiver and horn, circa mid-1920’s



…of course some musical items…

Music Box Cylinders

Music Box Cylinders

Records and steno

Rare records for collectors.











…and even a Surrey with fringe on top!

Surrey from museum's exhibit

Surrey from museum’s exhibit that dates back to the early 1900’s. It was the Stiffler’s family transportation until they bought a car in 1919.


It was restored in the 1970’s by Music House founder and had been a part of our display since opening in 1983.

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