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The Heat is On at the Music House!!

The Heat is On at the Music House!!

After a chilly early part of December, the first phase of the Music House furnace replacement has been completed!! Our team did a great job of keeping things warm until the furnace for the barn could be installed just before Christmas.

This was just in time for our final week of the season with daily tours and great events. Tickets are still available for two showings of “The Freshman” starring Harold Lloyd with accompaniment by Red Wings and Fox Theater organist, Dave Calendine, happening tonight, Dec. 28th at 5:30 and 7:30 pm. For more information on this click here: [pl_button type=”important” link=”″]The Freshman[/pl_button]

We also have a very special concert featuring world-renowned harpist Marta Power Luce with violinist Ivan Suminski at 7 pm on Friday Dec. 29th. Not only does this promise to be an amazingly beautiful concert but Marta has asked that it be a fundraiser for our furnace replacement. The expense of this is going to be over $75,000 so we are grateful for this help! For information on this and to purchase tickets click here: [pl_button type=”important” link=””]Marta Power Luce[/pl_button]

We at the Music House hope that you can join us for our final days of the 2017 season. We will be open for tours Dec. 28 – 30 from 10 am to 4 pm and on New Year’s Eve from noon to 4 pm. We are also running a sale in our Gift Shop offering 20% off!!!

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