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Music House Roof Update: The Roof is in Place!

Music House Roof Update: The Roof is in Place!

Finished RoofWe are so excited to have the new Music House roof in place and that it was finished in time for our May 1st opening of our 2015 Season! We have received great support from our donors and a generous grant from Michigan Council for Arts and Community Affairs of $20,000. We are so grateful for this support but the fundraising is not over yet.

The new roof is beautiful and with added insulation we are already seeing savings in heating and cooling. In other good news, the cost of the project looks like it will end up being much lower than anticipated with our roofer, Miriage, coming in below their initial estimate as well as the estimated cost of prepping the collection for the project and putting it back together also costing less than estimated. This was, in part, due to the amazing volunteer support we received!

On a less positive note, while the project’s costs look to be about $130,000, $20,000 less than budgeted, we are still short about $80,000. Normally would have preferred to raise the funds prior to starting the project but necessity force us to replace the roof this Spring. We have had to put the remaining charges on a line of credit. This presents us with a couple of challenges. First, this additional expenses adds a great deal of strain on our already tight operational budget and second, because the project is complete it no longer qualifies for project grant funding.

Once again we are appealing to the support of our friends and music lovers. Please consider a donation to our Roof Project. You can still donate through our Go Fund Me page (go to link), or if you wish to avoid the processing fees this service requires you can donate directly by sending a check to:

Music House Museum
P.O. Box 297
Acme, MI 49610-0297

As always, thank you for support and we hope to see you this season for a tour and at one of our fun a fabulous events!

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