Nickelodeon Rag Time CD


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Nickelodeon Rag Time CD

This CD features a variety of “rag time” songs played on two of our instruments here at the Music House Museum!

The first instrument on the CD is our 1917 Cremona Nickelodeon. Built by the Marquette Piano Company, it features an 88-note piano, a mandolin rail, and a fun, rich sound!

The second instrument is our 1925 Seeburg KT Nickelodeon. This 6 piece one man band includes a 65-note piano, a mandolin rail, castanets, a reiterating xylophone, tambourine, and a triangle!

A great gift for music lovers, and just a taste of what we have here at the Music House Museum!

Hear Our Cremona!

Hear Our KT Seeburg!