Three Heroic Shorts with Accompaniment by Dave Calendine
Nov 24 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Heroic Helen Gibson Buy Tickets Online For our November Silent Film Series we are offering a triple feature of heroic women. Organist Dave Calendine has chosen three shorts where the woman leads save the day during these adventures. This a bit surprising given that the films were made between 1912 and 1915, however this was at the height of the suffragette movement. They  were all incredibly popular. Two of the films, starring Helen Gibson, were part of the “Hazards of Helen” series. This incredibly popular series ran from late 1914 to early 1917. it is one of the longest non-feature-length motion picture series ever filmed, and is believed to be the longest of the film serial format.

Heroic Anna Q

The third short features actress Anne Q. Nilsson, “Anne Q”, who became an immediate sensation after her first film role in 1911. In 1914 she was chosen the most beautiful actress “in the world” and Photoplay magazine named her “the ideal American girl” in 1919. This third film does not focus on her beauty but on strength and intelligence.

The “Hazards of Helen” films are “The Wrong Order Train” and “The Leap for the Water Tower”. In the first Helen finds herself on the rear observation deck of a runaway express train with the door to the inside closed, with the air-brake of the engine damaged, the engine itself full of steam and inaccessible, and the train speeding ahead on the wrong track. In the second film “Leap From the Tower”, a disgruntled fired worker decides to get even by tampering with the brakes of a large train.  Helen receives the news at an intermediate station and has to try and fix the problem before disaster strikes. In keeping with the ‘train’ theme, the third film features Anne Q. as the telegraph operator at the local train station in “The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher”. She discovers that a notorious car thief is in town and decides to bring him to justice.

Dave Calendine accompanies heroic women

Dave Calendine is a Music House Museum favorite! Now a resident of the Detroit area, Calendine has served as an organist for The Detroit Red Wings, is a staff organist at The Fox Theater, performs at The Redford Theater and at his church as well as concerts at the Sanfillipo Foundation in Illinois, and at the national Music Box Society International conventions. He also serves as the national president of the American Theatre Organist Society (ATOS).

The Moxie Strings in Concert!
Nov 30 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The Moxie Strings Buy Tickets Online

The Music House Museum is very excited to host The Moxie Strings for a Nov. 30th concert at 7 pm. These talented and dynamic performers are popular where ever they go. Their busy schedule takes them all around the State and beyond. You will not want to miss this concert!!

Not only will they be offering a concert, but they will be conducting workshops for area schools during the day at the Music House. Both Diana Ladio and Alison Lynn are accomplished musicians and are also educators who have a passion for inspiring youth. Their non-profit, The Mox Project,, strives to share the joy of music discovery and exploration with all children, especially those that have limited access to music education.

Hailed by The Grand Rapids Press as “top-notch, instrumental wizardry,” The Moxie Strings offer listeners the unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s best- known instruments through a young, progressive lens. Diana Ladio and Alison Lynn hold Bachelor of Music degrees in music performance and music education, which have given each the technical foundation to explore the limits of her instrument and helped the group build a reputation for musical excellence. Alison performs on a newly-invented, electric cello, and Diana on a contemporary 5-string violin. Both use a variety of audio effects pedals. The Moxie Strings compose the majority of their pieces and arrange melodies from many countries, resulting in a genre-blurring blend of ear-catching, mainstream melodies and foot-stomping, rock-influenced rhythms. The band’s polished, high-energy show continues to redefine strings’ role in contemporary music, and offers audience members a diverse, fun, musical experience.

Soon after forming in 2007, The Moxie Strings were inspired not only to perform, but also to teach. Having made the exploratory journey from classical music to a world of eclecticism and music creativity, the band has now dedicated their careers to helping young musicians make this life-changing and transformative transition. Moxie clinics focus on musical self-discovery and the importance of incorporating socially and culturally relevant genres of music in the music classroom.